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Over the past year, MoorLink has delivered three rig sets to existing drilling rigs, thus successfully increasing the deck load capacity by having new stability plans approved after retrofitting of weathertight closure devices from Morten Marine Design AB. Two of the systems are to ABS class, one is to DNV. All have rotary winches, the stud chain diameter range from 78 to 89 mm.
Have your naval architects review your stability calculations to check if there is a potential to increase the load capacity by fitting our closure devices.
If watertight devices are required, the good news is that M2D has already successfully done extensive testing and is now in the process of applying for patents. Once the patents are approved, applications for type approvals with the classification societies will be filed. It is estimated that the first units may be delivered at the end of 2013.

MoorLink has also sold another rig set of closure devices for large diameter studless chain to a GOM floating off-shore installation presently under construction. Delivery of the devices is scheduled for mid June 2013. The delivery includes a complete set of closure devices with integrated chain guides. The units are equipped with inflatable seals complete with an air supply system, which is approved by the authorities.
All Closure Devices from M2D are custom designed by the company. The covers are “standard” for the chain type and size, but the interface to the present spurling pipe and winch arrangement is done from case to case. This can be a challenging task many times on existing rigs due to space constraints. However, our experienced engineers always find a solution.
Contact MoorLink and let them propose a solution to increase safety and load capacity on your floater!

MoorLink ISO 9001:2008 certification complete

MoorLink has completeded the ISO 9001:2008 certification to DNV. This further emphasizes MoorLinks goal to deliver high-quality mooring components to the most demanding clients.

First delivery of mooring Swivel type 177 M5 (7210 kN)

MoorLink delivered the first 16 units of the new mooring Swivel type 177 M5 to Viking Moorings Norway beginning of July 2011. The new 177 M5 is type approved by DnV and can be used in both 76 mm R4-, 76 mm R5- and 84 mm R4 mooring systems.

MWCS Project - GoM

MoorLink was awarded a contract from Technip USA in May 2011 for the supply of 10 U-joints for the MWCS project. The supply include design, manufacturing, testing and interface of these MBL 1700 MT links. Delivery is due later on this year.

D.O.T in Norway

MoorLink was one of the exhibitors on the 19th annual Deep Offshore Technology International Conference & Exhibition (DOT) in Stavanger, Norway, in October. Our Manager Björn Palmquist stood in our exhibition booth and met both attendees & exhibitors from the oilfield centers in the North Sea, Russia, China, Asia, Europe, Africa and The United States.
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