MoorLink is certified to ISO9001:2008 since September 2012. Auditing is done by DNV.
MoorLink’s focus is always on delivering the highest possible quality products to the demanding offshore industry. This is now further emphasized by an ISO9001:2008 approval issued by DNV. By using an approved quality system the inherent quality of MoorLink products are even more underlined; there is also an increasing market demand to use only goods delivered by contractors approved to ISO 9001. As MoorLink already employed an efficient internal quality system, the implementation of ISO9001 was a relatively quick task. The ISO9001-implementation project had a total time-span of approximately one year.DNV was chosen as auditing body by MoorLink. DNV is very well regarded in the offshore industry for its high standards and large competence; a natural partner for MoorLink in the important process of delivering offshore mooring components to the highest possible standard.

A continuous improvement process is a core value in the ISO9001 system. The MoorLink development work strives to continuously enhance the functionality and performance of our products; in the article below an example on how the swivel material properties are being systematically investigated and optimized is described in more detail.
Another important aspect of our quality work is the implementation of “SMART” targets into our quality manual. By continuously monitoring and auditing chosen key quality parameters, the quality work process forms part of the daily work at MoorLink in a natural and efficient way.

MoorLink emphasizes safety as a key quality parameter, both for employees and for clients. A safe work environment is crucial when stakes are high, which typically is the case for oil and gas projects. The losses in lives, environment and costs can be high if one of the mooring components fails. The HSE aspects of the quality work thus forms an integral part of the MoorLink QA system.
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